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2014-04-10 15:43:03 WIN-WIN FORUM
2013-01-30 21:09:05 New SolarMax MT inverter available

Sputnik Engineering AG will participate for the second time at the SE European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

2012-09-17 18:05:11 PV projects in Bulgaria

Projects on which the exhibitors at SEE Solar work

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Supreme Court to Decide on Demand Response

This week, the US Supreme Court agreed to review a ruling by a lower court holding that FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, has no jurisdiction to regulate demand response markets run by ISOs and RTOs. Based in large part on FERC order 745, these markets currently support investments in distributed energy resources and energy efficiency
05/05/15|04:35 -- renewableenergyworld.com

Tesla Will Sell Home Batteries

Subtitle:  The electric vehicle manufacturer plans to offer two versions of a lithium-ion battery for home use. Solar installer Sungevity announces its own plan. Images: Later this year, Tesla Motors will begin selling two versions of a lithium-ion battery to homeowners who either want to store power generated by their photovoltaic(PV) Generation of electricity directly from sunlight...
05/05/15|01:55 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

Why Fracking May Support Renewables

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is shunned by the environmentalists that laud renewable energy sources. However, by not supporting both initiatives, they may be working at cross purposes. Natural gas, booming largely because of fracking, complements renewable energies on the grid...
05/05/15|01:19 -- renewableenergyworld.com

Park District Goes Solar, Saves Big While Preserving Open Space

Not only do community parks provide green space for recreation and leisure, they also increase property values, attract business, and offer gathering places for all social groups — enhancing the quality of life for local residents. The South Suburban Park and Recreation District is a special district in Colorado that provides recreational facilitie
04/05/15|09:20 -- renewableenergyworld.com

Tesla's Competitors Jostle to Solve Energy Storage Riddle

There’s a crowded field of companies jostling Elon Musk for the most innovative breakthrough solution to his challenge to “fundamentally change the way the world uses energy.”
04/05/15|06:13 -- renewableenergyworld.com

Offshore Wind Power Seen Growing by Record 4.2 Gigawatts in 2015

Wind-power developers are expected to install a record 4.2 gigawatts of offshore turbines this year, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report.
04/05/15|06:07 -- renewableenergyworld.com

Tesla Energy: Will the Markets for Solar and Storage Include Everyone in Need?

Elon Musk’s Tesla Energy announcement to sell an affordable, reliable battery system for solar energy storage in homes and businesses is more important than all the hyped press even suggests. But as extraordinary as the news is about how this technology will impact our energy future, it leaves out some important issues still to be sorted out...
04/05/15|04:54 -- renewableenergyworld.com

Value Trapped: Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2015, April Update

My Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2015 model portfolio held on to first quarter gains in April, despite a 29 percent fall for one of the stocks. (For details on that decline, see the Power REIT (NYSE:PW) section below.)
04/05/15|04:34 -- renewableenergyworld.com

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